Dr J Fred Huff
District Superintendent, New Mexico District | Church of the Nazarene

"This is an unequivocal recommendation for Billy Huddleston as a tenured evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene. We just had one of the 'best camp meetings ever' at Bonita Park Nazarene Camp and Conference Center, Capitan, New Mexico.

Evangelist Billy is an anointed expositor of the word. He has a passion for Christ and preaches the word in a fresh and passionate way.

The people of your church or district will be both convicted and blessed by his anointed preaching."

Dr. Nelson S. Perdue
Evangelist, Church of the Nazarene | Francis Asbury Society

"Evangelist Billy Huddleston is an expositor of the Word of God. As Ezra of old, "He reads out the Word of God distinctly, gives the sense, and causes the people to understand the reading." (Nehemiah 8:8) He has a passion for souls and speaks from a burning heart. I heartily recommend him to our pastors and churches."
Stan Toler
Bestselling Author & Speaker | Toler Leadership International

"Billy Huddleston is a powerful preacher of the Word. I love his sense of humor and his passionate exposition of Scripture. His messages will inspire people to follow Christ and become dedicated Christian leaders. Any church would be blessed by his ministry."

Dr. Eddie Estep
District Superintendent, South Carolina District | Church of the Nazarene

"Billy Huddleston is a gifted preacher and especially effective in camp meetings and revivals.  Through Billy's preaching the words on the page in black and white take on high definition color as the Bible comes to life.  His communication style is high energy, engaging, and memorable.  I enthusiastically commend him to you."


Dr. Mervin Smith
District Superintendent, WV South District | Church of the Nazarene

Billy Huddleston was one of our Camp Meeting Evangelists this past summer and he did a dynamic job.  Billy has been around and his years of experience helps him in knowing the culture he is ministering to.  He is a powerful communicator and preacher of the Word that can create a word picture and make the Scripture come alive in a current application.  He loves God, the Church, and people, which is made evident by his passionate presentation of the Good News for a needy people of all ages.  He is easy to entertain, fun to chat with, and can minister to any size church or group. He also is a very talented singer and could preach and sing if needed. I have used him several different times.


Rev. Matthew Brookes
Camp President, Camp Sychar | Mount Vernon, Ohio

"I enthusiastically recommend Rev. Billy Huddleston to my fellow camp meeting leaders and pastors as an evangelist. His messages are relevant to people across the generations, and always call for a right response to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Billy has a winsome personality and his sense of humor is refreshing and engaging. I have found Billy to be easily adaptable to whatever we've asked of him, and his servant's heart comes through in his interactions with the congregation."


Dr. Greg Mason
District Superintendent, North Carolina District | Church of the Nazarene

"We recently had the pleasure of having Rev. Billy Huddleston as our camp meeting speaker at the historic Ft. Jesup Camp Meeting in Many, Louisiana. My, how the Lord used him! Billy is an outstanding communicator of the Word. God has gifted him to communicate the timeless Word in a fashion that transcends all age groups. His study and insight into the text brings new and exciting content to the hearers. Billy's preaching is insightful, convicting, and anointed. He is also a gifted singer and an entertaining personality. God used Billy to touch, challenge, and disciple many during the week of services. I highly recommend Billy for every kind of ministry event."


Dr. Ken Dove
Senior Pastor, Grace Church of the Nazarene | Nashville, Tennessee

"It is my pleasure to recommend Rev. Billy Huddleston to your church and district to minister to your people. I have known Billy a number of years and have enjoyed his evangelistic minstry in multiple settings including revival services at Grace Church. His love for Jesus and people are evident as he connects the holiness message in excellent expository Biblical truths that relates to all ages."


Dr. David G. Roland
District Superintendent, Northeastern Indiana District | Church of the Nazarene

“Thank you for your Spirit anointed messages at camp meeting this summer.  God used you as an effective communicator to all ages.  Wave after  wave of pastors, families, and people in general gained a new spiritual footing for their life journey as they made their way to the altar.  You preached the holiness message strong and powerfully in a way that connected both the young  and older generations with a clear understanding and a heart hunger for Gods work in their life.

I have had repeated remarks that teaming you and Mark Murphy was one of the best camp meetings we have had in many years.  The concert you did together was also a great blessing. Thank you and I cannot wait to have you back again.”


Dr. Wayne H. Brown
District Superintendent, Northern Michigan District | Church of the Nazarene

"Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Evangelist Billy Huddleston. He is an excellent communicator of the Word of God!  He captivates the audience.  Rev. Huddleston is concise and effective in his delivery."


Dr. Byron Schortinghouse
District Superintendent (retired), Arizona District | Church of the Nazarene

"It has been a rare privilege to have Rev. Billy Huddleston as a Camp Meeting speaker on the Arizona District. God has gifted him to rightly divide the truth to his hearers. Complementing his sound Biblical teaching he preaches with a passion absent in many pulpits today. I strongly recommend this fine Evangelist to you for your consideration."


Rev. Michael Palmer
District Superintendent, Missouri District | Church of the Nazarene

"Relevant, fresh and enthusiastic, is how I would describe the ministry of Billy Huddleston. It has been my privilege to work with him and sense his spirit and heart. I would highly recommend him to you as a preacher of the Word, and a man with a heart for God and the church."


Rev. Kevin Dennis
District Superintendent, West Virginia North District | Church of the Nazarene

"Billy communicates with the passion of a fellow seeker and the clarity of a remarkable teacher.  He preaches with the warmth of a friend, drawing people into Biblical truth.  You'll find him to be a genuine and Spirit filled evangelist that truly cares about the call of revivalism for our churches.  I look forward to being with him at camps and revivals for years to come."


Dr. Ronald K. McCormack
District Superintendent, East Tennessee District | Church of the Nazarene

"I called Evangelist Billy Huddleston for our District Camp Meeting from the recommendation of a friend.  My friend was right!  Our East Tennessee folks were blessed by and loved the ministry of Rev. Huddleston.  His preaching was Biblical and anointed.  We will have him back again!  I highly recommend him to the local church or for district camps, retreats or tours."


Dr. Carlton D. Hansen
District Superintendent, retired | Southwestern Ohio District | Church of the Nazarene

"I am pleased to recommend Billy Huddleston as a full-time commissioned evangelist. His beautiful music will touch your heart. He preaches with passion from a compassionate heart fervently and faithfully proclaiming the eternal truths of God's Word. He is wholeheartedly Nazarene, speaking to young and old alike. You will be pleased to have Billy in your pulpit!"


Dr. Richard Jordan
District Superintendent, retired | Central Ohio District | Church of the Nazarene

“It is a privilege and delight for me to recommend Rev. Billy Huddleston to you as an evangelist. He has preached in several of our churches with good success. Billy has also served as an evangelist for the Central Ohio District Camp Meeting. He is one of the finest preachers we have ever had for our camp meeting. His messages are fresh, biblical and heart stirring. He will lead your people to Jesus and a decision to follow Christ.”


Dr. Garrett Mills
District Superintendent, retired | Southwest Indiana District | Church of the Nazarene

“I have had the privilege of knowing Billy Huddleston for several years. I have been impressed with the Spirit anointed preaching of Billy and especially his command of the Scriptures! Billy preaches with passion and sincerity that is seldom seen in a young evangelist. We have had him for several revivals and Indoor Camps on the Southwest Indiana District Church of the Nazarene with very good results. I recommend Rev. Huddleston for local church revivals and camp meetings."


Dr. David W. Graves
General Superintendent, General Church of the Nazarene | Lenexa, Kansas

"It is a real privilege to recommend Billy Huddleston to you and your church. Billy is a fulltime evangelist with wonderful gifts and a great spirit. He ministers through a beautiful singing voice and anointed Biblical preaching. He has the ability to capture the attention of a congregation with his illustrations, teach them through his exposition of the Scripture and move them to change through his personal application of Biblical truth and the working of the Holy Spirit. You will enjoy Billy's music and his preaching equally. He is one of the rare evangelists who is strong in both areas and who appeals to young and old alike.

If you are looking for a fresh and exciting, yet a mature and Biblical ministry schedule Billy Huddleston."


Dr. Rick Harvey
Senior Pastor, First Church of the Nazarene | Bethany, Oklahoma

“I am so impressed with Billy Huddleston’s certainty of his call to evangelism. Through all the challenges he has faced in his life, Billy has affirmed that one thing is for sure: God has called him to preach the Word. Billy is an effective communicator and a student of Scripture. God has placed in his heart an undeniable passion for souls. He is an inspiration and blessing to all who hear him.”


Dr. Calvin Ray Evans
Pastor, Rubyville Community Church | Director, Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

"How refreshing to find an evangelist with such passion for people! Billy is so sensitive to the Holy Spirit in his pulpit ministry. He is keenly aware of the opportunity the Lord has given to him on each occasion that he speaks. Any pastor would be blessed to have this man of God in their pulpit. His youth coupled together with his dynamic preaching bridges the generation gap to make him a blessing to the entire congregation. My only regret lies in the fact that we cannot worship together more often with him. My people and I love him so much and bless the day the Lord allowed our paths in life to cross."


Dr. Stephen Manley
Evangelist, Church of the Nazarene | Cross Style International Ministries - Lebanon, Tennessee

“To capture the Scriptures is wonderful; but for the Scriptures to capture you is to step beyond. To preach the Word is admirable; but to allow the Word to speak through you is to be a vessel for Christ. To center on Christ is a great focus; but to allow Christ to be the focused display is to lose your identity for His sake. Perhaps no man would claim to have achieved this; but to see it and seek after it is the open door to embrace it. Such is the evangelist Billy Huddleston.”


Dr. Charles R. Millhuff
Revivalism Coordinator, Church of the Nazarene

“Evangelist Billy Huddleston is a very bright gifted preacher and singer. He is one of our younger men that gives me great hope for the cause of Revivalism. He has the experience to handle any situation.”


Rev. Bob Hasselbring
Senior Pastor, Church of the Nazarene | Sterling, Illinois

"It really is a privilege for me to recommend Evangelist Billy Huddleston.  We have had him three times for revivals in two different churches now and the results have always been positive.  People love and respond to his humor, stories and sermon delivery.  Billy has a gift of 'connecting' the gospel message with every person in the church.  From the more seasoned Christians to brand new converts, people are challenged with a relevant word of truth.  No where is this more evidenced than in the altar responses where people of all ages have been coming.”